Prayer Warrior Keeps Divine Appointments

Far away from the population centers of Oregon is the small community of Enterprise. It’s a beautiful setting for the ministry of a special person. His name is Ed Winter, and he's known as a prayer warrior. His war — his fight — is not with people but for people.

About 20 years ago, Winter was visited by some Adventist church members who were holding evangelistic meetings in Waldport and Newport, Oregon. Winter's house had burned down, and they visited Winter and prayed with him. At the time, Winter was living far from God.

Miraculously, God later found and claimed Winter. His life changed. Eight years later, Winter left the coastal area and made his way to Enterprise, where he has remained since. Winter never forgot the encounter in Newport, and has since become a prayer warrior. 

Along with his prayer ministry is another remarkable gift — he connects people with Jesus. One of the notable features of Winter’s prayer ministry is the prayer rock. It is a prominent rock high above Oregon Route 82 which leads north of Enterprise.

When the weather permits — and sometimes even when it doesn’t permit — Winter can be seen riding his bicycle out of town along the highway. He parks his bike at a trailhead and hikes up the hill to the prayer rock. From this scenic location, with a panoramic view of the valley, Winter pours out his heart for the needs of his friends and acquaintances from coast to coast.

When the churches were closed due to the pandemic, Winter missed his weekly fellowship with Jesus and his Enterprise Church family. He decided to spend that time taking walks in nature and praying to Jesus. He asked God that he would be given divine appointments during that time.

Often, hikers are on the trail Winter hikes to get to his prayer rock and he visits with them. Those fortunate enough to encounter Winter never walk away without hearing encouraging words. He shares love, hope and the good news of how Jesus changed his life. Winter has often bowed in prayer with hikers at the prayer rock. Sometimes they allow Winter to take their pictures as they kneel together in the Creator's outdoor sanctuary to worship.

Winter has countless stories of how powerfully Jesus has used his testimony. He is a remarkable connector with his co-workers and with his community. His prayer ministry has opened doors of influence so he can share God’s love.

One story illustrates Winter’s love for people. Chris, a friend and husband of Winter’s co-worker, suffered a stroke while driving. He lost control of his car and hit two large trees. Remarkably, Chris survived. During his recovery process, he bonded with Winter through prayer. They became good friends. 

Winter befriended another man who invited him to fly over the Wallowa Valley in his airplane. On the flight, Winter was able to get a picture of the prayer rock from high in the sky.

At Wallowa Memorial Hospital, where Winter works, everyone from doctors, resident nurses, visiting nurses and the support staff appreciate this unassuming Christian man. From total strangers to his own children and grandchildren, fellow church members to other denominational Christians in the Enterprise community, everyone who has met Winter knows him as the prayer warrior.

Winter is constantly witnessing for Jesus. He describes each encounter and moment with others as divine appointments — opportunities to tell others about Jesus. Like Winter, we all have a testimony to share. Jesus is waiting to send divine appointments to each of us so that we may glorify God to those around us. 

Featured in: May/June 2024