Image Credit: Adria Hay

Grays Harbor Young and Old Partner for Eternity

All should be quiet in the halls and classrooms after school is dismissed at Grays Harbor Adventist Christian School — but not on Wednesday afternoons!

A sewing machine buzzes, puzzles are built, craft projects are assembled and painted and a piano's keys are plunked — it is the sights and sounds of Grays Harbor students with their senior mentors. 

For the past five years, Grays Harbor school has participated in the Partnering For Eternity program, an Adventist scholarship program for K-12 students primarily sponsored by the SFFC Foundation.

The program is a win for all involved. Senior mentors have meaningful connections and purpose in sharing their skills and talents. The students acquire new skills and understanding, parents receive financial help to pay school tuition and the school is able to welcome additional students through the PFE scholarships.

For some students, having an older friend is a new experience, and it makes an impact on their hearts. One young mentee continued visiting his mentor even as his life was nearing its end. Saying goodbye was important.

The Partnering for Eternity program has been a blessing to the GHACS staff, students, parents and mentors alike. They praise God for those who give so unselfishly to make lasting impacts on both young and old lives.

Featured in: May/June 2022


Adria Hay

Grays Harbor Adventist Christian School principal