Journey Church Starts New Journey in Bible Study

In mid-January, Journey Church (formerly Kelso-Longview Church) in Kelso, Washington, began a new journey in Bible study and church fellowship. The goal: to provide an opportunity for church members and their friends to get together and dig deeper than is possible during just an hour on Sabbath morning.

“Our Sabbath sermon will come from a passage in 1st Peter,” said Jim John, Journey Church senior pastor. “Then, during the week, our church family will be meeting in eight different community groups to read the Bible passage, discuss the sermon and find new ways to apply the message in our lives.”

 Journey pastors, Jim John and Zach Parks, will share nine sermons that show how the Apostle Peter provides practical applications for living in this time, when life is hard. The pastors are also preparing a brief study guide for the members who are hosting one of the eight weekly community groups.

The first set of studies run from mid-January to mid-March. The spring study groups will begin in April.

“The DNA of this church is very mission minded,” said John. “They have been very involved in reaching out and caring for others in the community. Then Covid happened, attendance dropped, and we got lonely. I guess that's pretty normal right now, but people still desire and need connection. Our church board met, discussed what we might be able to do to help bring us all together and decided we could use an upgrade filled with hope — one where we upgrade our worship, upgrade our relationships, upgrade our service and upgrade our outreach. We are not willing to have a defeatist mentality because of Covid. Instead, we’re focusing on the most challenging issues, showing how the Bible has good practical answers and providing opportunities for members to share God’s love together, regardless of Covid!”

Featured in: March/April 2022