Anchorage Hispanic Church Shares Gospel During Pandemic

Despite the cold Alaskan temperatures, distance and darkness, and despite being the only Spanish-speaking church, with no pastor and few active membersthe Anchorage Spanish Church is making a meaningful impact. By the grace of God, members remain driven to accomplish their gospel work, and the church is alive with the Holy Spirit.

Alaska is a transitory region where many residents come and go. The small Hispanic Church congregation has felt the need to preach the gospel message throughout the city of Anchorage.

It has been a great challenge for church members, with varying work schedules and little formal training, to come together to evangelize the city of Anchorage. However, despite the pandemic and the closure of churches, God has allowed the congregation to become a beacon, not only in Alaska, but in different parts of the world.

The church was spiritually revived by the Spirit. Collaborating pastors and laity from different countries didn’t hesitate to support the Anchorage Hispanic Church with their gifts and talents through Zoom meetings.

Patricio Escoto, a Dominican pastor, felt called to walk the extra-mile and offer weekly Bible studies via Zoom for a whole year. He concluded the studies with an online evangelistic series in August 2021. The evangelistic effort resulted in one soul giving his life to Christ through baptism, as well as the reaffirming faith for other members. It also bridged relationships with church members and community guests.

With the Holy Spirit and the fervent desire of the Anchorage Hispanic Church members, many souls were reached for Christ.  With support from mainland states church members sharing music and praise, as well as the collaboration of the Alaska Conference and the support of César De León, North Pacific Union vice president for Hispanic ministries, accomplishments were a team effort. The Anchorage Hispanic members are grateful for the support given for this evangelistic effort.

Much remains to be done. The Anchorage Hispanic Church asks you to join them in praying that the Lord will continue to send workers into His harvest in Alaska.

Featured in: March/April 2022