RVAA Students Care for Chickens on a Mission

December 15, 2021 | Education | Andrea Jackson

The clucking sounds of chickens float on the breeze outside the kindergarten classroom at Rogue Valley Adventist Academy. The chickens are tenderly cared for by the class with the help of their amazing teacher, Miss Davies.

But these aren’t just any ordinary chickens. They are “Chickens on a Mission!”

Throughout the school day, especially during recess, the kindergarteners take turns carrying a basket out to the chicken coop. One student holds the basket while the other student opens each of the doors above the nests. They hunt for eggs! Always careful, every egg is gently placed in the basket for safe keeping. Then, they excitedly bring the egg or eggs back to Miss Davies.

Miss Davies began keeping chickens at RVAA as part of a project-based learning lesson inspired by attending the EXCEED program at Loma Linda University. She wanted her students to be able to participate in a hands-on project that would also involve helping other people.

Experiences that Miss Davies had as a child led her to the project idea. Every Christmas, her family would help people through Adventist Development and Relief Agency. With this in mind, Miss Davies decided to have her kindergarten students raise chickens, then sell the eggs to earn money they could give to ADRA. The money will allow ADRA to purchase chickens and goats for people around the world. By selling the animal's milk or eggs, people are able to support their families.

So far, the students have raised enough money to buy six baby chicks for a family in either Africa or South America.

The project has helped the students learn both the value of money and how to care for chickens they have come to adore. Josie loves going to look for eggs with her friend Azaleah. Azaleah explained that she loves picking the eggs because it’s so cool and fun. Joseph loves watching the chickens eat. Adeline likes to feed them tomatoes and apples. Edwin likes their faces because they are so cute.

When visiting the students, it quickly became apparent that they love the chickens, and they love helping people. These “Chickens on a Mission” are making a positive impact on young children in Rogue Valley, Oregon, as well as children around the world.