Caldwell Flames Pathfinder Club Wins Parade Award

The Caldwell Flames Pathfinder Club won the non-profit division award for "Best Use of Lights" in the annual Treasure Valley Night Light Parade held in Caldwell, Idaho. The prize came with $300 and a certificate.

Club members handed out 1,000 Signs of the Times and all kinds of candy, Our Little Friends and Primary Treasures. Donna Shelly, club director, reported that a man came up to her afterward and said, “Thank you for showing us Jesus.” 

"We had so many awesome experiences and it was so cool to share Jesus," said Shelly. "The club could not have done it without everyone’s help and support."

Donations from the Caldwell Church were significant. Thanks and appreciation go to Will Richards, Aaron Casebolt-Richards, Bob Richards, Ted Rickwa, Sierra Bartlett, Ron and Pam Day, Kathy Casebolt, Melissa Perkins, Ashley Day, Lisa Hamilton, Steve Shelly, Steve Maidwell, Lenora Moore, Mildred and her family and, of course, all the Adventurers and Pathfinders.


Featured in: March/April 2022