Albany Hosts Prophecy Meetings

December 22, 2021 | Church

The Albany Church was blessed to host a series of evangelistic seminars during the month of October. Robert Zama, Oregon Conference Field Evangelist, presented the series called HOPE DAWNING: Overcoming Fear Through Bible Prophecy.

Advance work included close communication between the local Albany team, led by Barry Taylor, pastor, and Zama, who worked through necessary plans, supplies, forms and schedules.  

Pre-registration was available on-line through Facebook marketing, which brought 60 and 70 people. Fliers were mailed out to the surrounding towns as well, and the pre-meeting response was very positive. Local church members were in contact with family members who had slipped away from a regular relationship with Jesus Christ, and numerous new, but familiar faces, eagerly showed up as the seminars. Altogether, there were almost 100 guests on the first night.

Of course, COVID precautions were still in place, and each evening greeters smiled and welcomed guests with their eyes over masks. Guests that had forgotten their mask were given a disposable one to wear for the evening. 

Each evening, the children were able to attend their own programs — much like Vacation Bible School— led by Mary Gaslin and a Children’s Ministry team. The focus of the children's presentations were the same as those being shared with parents, but age-appropriate. They were looking for ‘Buried Treasure,’ specially-written guides to share Bible prophecy with the younger guests, with activities, story time and fun.   

Zama’s enthusiasm for the Word of God and his love for Jesus were evident in his presentations. Animation and laughter were mixed with the serious points of his message, and even the subjects that can be harder to understand were well-received. As decision cards created specifically for the series were returned after evening meetings, it was evident that many hearts were convicted and Jesus was very important to each individual. Christians from more than six different denominations were experiencing something with their Savior, Jesus Christ.

Erma Glasgow had been raised in a Seventh-day Adventist home and her mother had been a long-time member of the Albany church in years past, but Erma had never committed her life to Jesus. She eagerly attended each meeting, absorbing the precious truths so long ignored. She brought her son, Ken McCoy, who had briefly attended Central Valley Jr. Academy, now Central Valley Christian School, in Tangent. As they came each evening, their smiles grew bigger and their voices joyful as their hearts were pointed to Jesus.

October 30, the final meeting for the series, was a day of joy as the Albany Church family witnessed baptisms of six individuals. They were welcomed into the church fellowship. Zama shared in his last presentations about the most precious gift given to mankind — the Holy Spirit, and the unimaginable beauty and joy we will enjoy in our heavenly home.  

This high Sabbath day, worship and fellowship concluded with a fellowship meal. Albany is known for its haystack meals, and no one left hungry or disappointed. June Morris, one of the newest members, commented, “That is a REALLY good meal!!” Her sister, Nancy Shoemaker, also a newly-baptized member, heartily agreed.