Student Reflects on COVID-19 School Year

July 10, 2021 | Education

Auburn Adventist Academy, in Auburn, Washington, is also a home for many students. This year has pushed us to new limits; it was nothing we could have ever anticipated. Yet, in spite of the challenges we faced, we persevered, making it one of the most memorable years.

The school year began in a very unique way, with students attending classes in a hybrid format, splitting the student body between dorm and village classes. This presented the challenge of having to see your friends and classmates through a screen or at least from 6 feet away.

It wasn’t easy, but our teachers led by example, and we followed the rules and regulations. With God’s protection, we made it through without much incident.

To keep us safe, classroom desks were spaced out accordingly. The general assembly hall was made into a classroom for the larger groups. Although the needed separation was very difficult for our students' social life, we are thankful we were able to physically attend school the entire year. To make things easier, our newly established Well-Being Center gave students a place to go to take a break and feel extra-loved.

After spring break, classes changed from being 50% online to 100% in person. Students gratefully adapted to being around each other again while still carefully following COVID-19 regulations. As cases dropped, we have been able to change as well, which allowed us to do more together.

A highlight was when the junior class officers organized the Junior-Senior Banquet, one of our favorite events of the year. We were also able to host our traditional Spirit Week, allowing us to have the famous "class wars.” As the end of the year approached, we were able to enjoy the traditional game day and Associated Student Body picnic. God’s Holy Spirit was super evident at our “Spiritual Year in Review,” allowing us to praise God and thank Him for blessing us in so many ways. 

On behalf of all of the students at AAA, I’d like to thank our beloved chaplain and teacher David Kabanje, who has made such a big impact on our campus over the last three years, especially this year, when students were feeling low or overwhelmed. Kabanje was constantly making us laugh and teaching us the best life lessons. We wish him all the best as his journey continues.

Auburn Adventist Academy, as always, took very good care of us and allowed us the best year we could have during a very difficult time. Through everything we faced this past year, God truly blessed us. Thanks to His guidance, we were able to adapt, persevere and grow together, making this year a major success.

Dannelly Boggs, Auburn Adventist Academy student