Pandemic Closures Fuel Growth

The theme at Kitsap Adventist Christian School in Bremerton, Washington, last school year was, “Growing together in Jesus.” Despite the masks and all the social distancing requirements, students and teachers were truly thankful to be growing together through in-person learning rather than distance learning.

At the beginning of the school year God brought KACS a new head teacher, Linda Taber, as well as an and upper grade teacher, Opal Singer. Together they joined lower grade teacher, Melinda Chase, to face the unprecedented school year. The Kitsap church family is so thankful for the dedication, perseverance and hard work of all the teaching staff during this challenging time.

One blessing of the pandemic is that KACS experienced an influx of community students this year. This provided an exciting opportunity for KACS staff and Adventist students to share Christ with families of other faiths and those from non-Christian backgrounds. 

Even though public schools began opening for in-person instruction again, most of the new KACS students are returning again which means enrollment will increase once again next year. Due to this ongoing trend, KACS is stepping out in faith and hiring a fourth teacher for next school year.

Throughout the uncertainty of the pandemic KACS staff have leaned more on their faith and sought peace and reassurance from the Savior. They were prepared to shift to remote learning if there were any positive COVID-19 cases. Thankfully, the school was able to remain open all year.

While many learning projects challenged students to expand their knowledge, the KACS staff also worked to build fun memories, despite the pandemic. Even though students couldn’t go on field trips, they enjoyed a visit from the Reptile Man. The staff also coordinated spirit weeks, an egg drop challenge, a week of prayer, virtual Christmas and spring programs, Earth Day campus clean up and Bubble Science Day. They even organized a food drive that collected over 300 pounds of food for the local food bank. 

The 2020-2021 theme song at KACS is a reassuring reminder of the hope faith in God provides during difficult times:

"As we all grow together, God is here, God is here. As we all love each other, God is here, God is here. We are growing together, loving each other, praising together, serving each other. In Your grace, in Your love, together in Your love. Father, mother, sister, brother, we need you, we need each other. Through the joys and through the sorrows, You give us hope for tomorrow."

As KACS prepares for the coming school year, they look forward to continuing to follow God’s lead as they grow as a school in faith together.   

Featured in: July/August 2021