Scappoose Grows Despite Shutdown

June 29, 2021 | Education | Nancy Reed

Due to a variety of circumstances, Scappoose Adventist School in Scappoose, Oregon, began the 2019–2020 school year with only 25 students. With the urgent need to increase enrollment, COVID-19 further rocked stability. Adequate equipment for distance-teaching took immediate financial priority.

When in-person learning resumed there were new challenges like frequent revisions of complex operational blueprints and staying current with pandemic protocol.

All the while, God stood with SAS and heard every prayer.

Remarkably, the Lord brought a donor to sustain SAS's teaching-principal with the assistance she needed. This donor also inspired parents to put their children back in classroom learning environments. Some of the children did not know Jesus, and at least one student had never heard His name.

Most parents who joined the SAS school family made it clear they planned to return their children to public schools as they reopened. But after seeing some of the positive changes in their children and the love extended, they choosing differently. As a result, the vast majority of parents have already signed their children up to return to SAS for the 2021–22 school year.

The SAS staff are thankful God has provided a mission field as so many families do not have a church community.

To encourage students to grow their speaking, presentation and leadership skills, every month students make a presentation during church service at Scappoose-St. Helens Seventh-day Adventist Church. To support their children, non-Adventist families come to church.

The new challenge SAS faces for the coming school year is finding a way to add a teacher and a classroom.

Commitments for 62 students to return in the fall means SAS needs to add a classroom and a teacher. The Lord has blessed us with a matching funds donor of $150,000 to help remodel the school for an added classroom. God is a big God! 

Want to help us impact the SAS community? Find out how you can help at, or call 503-543-6939.

Scappoose Adventist School is located at 54287 Columbia River Highway.