Students Enjoy PE, Alaska-Style

Golden Heart Christian School in Fairbanks, Alaska, has a unique approach to kids getting to exercise as part of their school curriculum. Over the past few weeks, teachers encouraged their students to bring their skis, boots and poles to school if they had them available. Others were encouraged to borrow or purchase equipment so they could participate. Once the equipment was lined up, the students were ready to start their adventure in skiing.

Neighboring the school is the Fairbanks Golf Course with a nicely groomed ski trail that is the perfect setting for novice cross-country skiers. The older students blazed the trail, while the younger and less-experienced skiers following behind. If a novice skier fell or needed held, a more experienced student eagerly helped them get back on their feet.

Physical education at GHCS is the last class of the day on Tuesday and Thursday. Originally scheduled for 45 minutes for class, head teacher Cindy Dasher expanded the class to an hour to allow more time to get equipment readied and clothing piled on to face the cold winter afternoons before heading out to the ski trail. On ski days, students and teachers alike look forward to getting outside, skiing fast and racing with friends.

Nature has provided the perfect backdrop with the snow-covered mountains, ski trails and wildlife. Not only do students enjoy a fun afternoon but witness God's creations with squirrels scampering up the trees while the ravens soar above. One day, skiers saw an eagle flew (or at least what they thought was an eagle) fly high overhead, which is a rare sighting in winter in Fairbanks. 

What a blessing to exercise and enjoy PE outdoors! Not only is it educational to learn to ski, but this provides excellent exercise for the students and perhaps encourages a lifelong activity.