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God's Closet Spreads Winter Warmth

In August 2020 we wrote about how we operated God’s Closet in the face of COVID-19. When October arrived, we began thinking about our November God’s Closet event. Nothing had changed as far as the pandemic was concerned. Should we offer another event like we did in August? Having seen the need for children’s clothes in August, we knew the need was greater as winter approached. 

The Spokane, Washington, team began making plans for Nov. 15. The Monday before, Ruth Lenz, a teacher at Palisades Christian Academy in Spokane, brought her class to haul all the clothes up from the basement of the Spokane Central Church’s fellowship hall — an enormous task. Tables were marked by gender and size, and bins were placed under the tables. Sacks of unsorted clothes were piled in a corner. Some prebagged clothes were left over from August, but many more were needed. 

An additional bonus came in the form of our local KXLY television and radio stations donating the coats they had left over from their Coats for Kids drive, which ended at the end of October. Five huge bags of coats added to our donations. 

Keeping the volunteer numbers small was important. Volunteers came Tuesday and Thursday evenings, Friday morning, and Saturday night to prepare more bags for Sunday's “Shop Day." Facebook notices were sent out. Rain was predicted. Would anyone come? 

A long line of people greeted us on Sunday morning. We asked them only their names, the sizes of the children needing clothes, if they needed coats and if they would like us to pray for them. Many responded they would like us to pray for their families. Several expectant mothers wanted us to pray for their unborn babes, including one carrying a set of twins. 

One grandmother needed clothes for eight of her grandchildren, whom she is caring for as a result of dysfunction in her family. She was so grateful for the help. 

We felt God’s blessing as we helped fill a need in our community.  And guess what? Not a drop of rain fell on us as we served our neighbors.

The Palisades Christian Academy students came the next day and returned everything to spotless condition. We count our blessings to be able to provide for others even in the midst of COVID-19.

Featured in: March/April 2021