Payette Celebrates Six Baptisms

Two of the local elders from the Payette Hispanic Church performed six baptisms on Sept. 12, 2020.

The first four baptisms were by the Gregorio Juica, an elder of the Payette Hispanic Church. Three of the four were Juica’s own children. They live with their mother and attended church for a little more than a year before making their decision to be baptized. The fourth was the girlfriend of one of Juica’s sons, who brought her with him to church. They are now engaged.

The other two candidates were brother and sister, Mayolo and Alondra Padilla. They were baptized by the Daniel Rodriguez. Mayolo and Alondra attend church regularly with their parents, along with their grandmother. It was through their grandmother Mayolo and Alondra got involved with the church programs and Bible study.

Featured in: November/December 2020


Gerald Margil

Treasure Valley Hispanic District pastor and Idaho Conference Hispanic Ministries coordinator