Alaska Adventists Reelect Leadership Team

September 22, 2020 | Church Business | Jay Wintermeyer

Delegates to the 18th regular Alaska Conference constituency session voted Sunday, September 20, 2020, to reelect conference president Kevin Miller and the entire leadership team.

During the session, held in Palmer, Alaska, 168 delegates gathered in person and via video conference to conduct the business of the Adventist Church in Alaska. The body overwhelmingly voted to reelect all three conference officers and their team of directors. Miller will continue as president, Melvin Santos as vice president for administration and Jim Jensen as vice president for finance.

The delegates, who traveled from all across the state, including some from the northernmost Adventist church in the world, received reports from the conference on the previous four years and plans for the future. They also spent time amending and updating the conference constitution and bylaws.

North Pacific Union Conference president John Freedman's devotional message to begin the session charged delegates with the sacred calling to prayerful service. Referencing the counsel to the Laodiceans in Revelation, Freedman said, "God needs a group people fully devoted to Him, on fire to serve in the midst of these trying times. You have been called to serve at this critical point in Earth's history."

Delegates voted a new conference executive committee and a new constitution and bylaws committee. These committees will serve and conduct conference business for the next four years.

The conference also voted to accept the Arctic Seventh-day Adventist Church into the sisterhood of churches. The church is unique in that it is located in Utqiagvik (formerly Barrow) and is considered the northernmost Adventist Church in the world.

Following his reelection, Miller said, “This role is something I don't take lightly. It is a privilege and an honor to serve you."

Conference Officers 2020–2024

Kevin Miller, president
Melvin Santos, vice president of administration
Jim Jensen, vice president of finance

Departmental Directors 2020–2024

Tobin Dodge, Arctic Mission Adventure/youth and young adult director 
Steve Evenson, ministerial director
Brenda Johnson, communication director
Tandi Perkins, development director
Rod Rau, education director

Executive Committee 2020–2024

Conference Officers

Kevin Miller, president
Melvin Santos, vice president of administration
Jim Jensen, vice president of finance

Conference Employees
Chad Angasan, pastor  
Celesta Babb, pastor
Kallie McCutcheon, teacher
Ryan Rogers, pastor

Lay Members
Mally Concepcion 
Elford Joseph  
David King   
Danya Nicketa-Kiljoha  
Tina Steenmeyer   
Tiffany Tago     
Ryan Woehler     
Jessica Yun 

Constitution and Bylaws Committee 2020–2024

Melvin Santos        
Kenn Albertsen 
James Cazort 
Jim Kincaid
Brenda Rau