Tualatin Valley Academy Offers STEAM-Based Experience

Students in Jennifer Wendt’s first and second grade classroom in Oregon's Tualatin Valley Academy look forward to science time because they know they will be in for a treat. The students are especially thrilled when Susie Scientist makes a special guest appearance to facilitate STEAM activities and experiments.

If you look a little closely at Susie Scientist, you just might see a hint of Wendt. The students enjoy playing along and are eager to keep Suzy Scientist’s identity a secret. This makes learning so much fun for the students and the teacher. "Having Susie Scientist in our classroom gives me a chance to be silly, do more hands-on projects, and bring out a love for learning and science in my students," says Wendt.

Susie Scientist loves to bring special projects to Wendt’s class. Last year she dropped off a ladybug habitat, complete with larvae, for the kids to monitor and chart. However, she did let Wendt help with releasing the ladybugs into nature.

Recently, Susie Scientist has been making science videos for Wendt’s students as they finish this school year through e-learning. They can still enjoy learning with their favorite scientist. The first video talked about how Jesus can take away our fears using an experiment in which the fear bubbled right out. With science, the students can experience that our God is so wonderful.

Students are building foundational skills through STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and math) like collaborating with other students, improving communication, using critical thinking and being creative, which are essential 21st-century skills that will prepare them for real-world experiences. 

Wendt makes learning fun and meaningful, while also creating memorable moments for her students. To learn more about Susie Scientist or watch any of her distance learning videos, go to our school website www.tualatinvalleyacademy.org.