Nursing Student Gets Big Surprise

The Cloverdale Church in Boise, Idaho, along with the Mace family, stunned one of their members by providing her with a new car on May 19, 2018.

Troy Haagenson, Cloverdale Church pastor, had just finished leading an inspiring Sabbath service. People had assembled outside the church, in excited anticipation of witnessing how God had led with one of our own members in need.

Zaninka Karire is a student at the College of Western Idaho, majoring in nursing. She had one year left to finish her degree, and her car broke down. Two automotive repair shops looked at her car and provided her with repair estimates. The cost to repair Karire’s car was going to be more than it was worth. 

Cloverdale Church has a car ministry led by Jeff Shelton and John Cardwell. They looked at Karire’s car and agreed with the auto repair shops: The car was not worth repairing. Karire was in serious trouble. She needed her car to be able to complete her nursing degree. In order for Karire to get her car repaired, she would have to spend the money that she had been saving to finish her degree and drop out of school.

God was watching over Karire and opening a door for a miracle. The Mace family heard of the need. They owned a 1996 Mitsubishi Galant in excellent condition with only 50,000 original miles on the car. It looked like a brand-new car. It had belonged to their grandmother Maxine, who had recently passed away. The car had not been driven for some time. After a quick tune-up and service by the church car ministry, this almost-new car was ready for a very special presentation.

On that special Sabbath, Haagenson, Jeff Shelton, John Cardwell and members of the Mace family happily presented a stunned Karire with her new car. Praise the Lord for incredible days like this! Miracles like this are here to remind us that we must always trust in our Heavenly Father. He will bring us through every challenge we face.

Now the Cloverdale Church family joyously awaits Karire's graduation from nursing school.

Featured in: November 2018