Old Truck Gets and Gives New Life

September 13, 2018 | Chris Evenson

“Do you want a truck?” That was a question I had never been asked before. I had the idea in the back of my mind for some time — the idea to fix up a vehicle to give to someone in our community — but didn’t know how to go about it. Then the Lord dropped the opportunity in our lap.

A member of our church family moved to another city and offered the church a truck. He thought maybe someone could use it. It was an old work truck that had seen its better days, but we accepted it and took on the challenge of fixing it up to give away.

Six members of our church family and one of my neighbors worked on the truck, each giving their time and talent to transform it. The man who donated the truck saw it after we had done the work and couldn’t believe how good it looked. One member worked wonders on the paint, another one cleaned carpets and seats, and others helped with the mechanical issues.

The community got involved as well. Four companies in our community pitched in by donating a new windshield, new tires, exhaust work and cold A/C. The donations exceeded $1,000. It was truly a community effort. Now we just needed a recipient.

We worked for some time through our own Adventist Community Services program, as well as a couple of local agencies, but we had trouble finding an individual who really needed the vehicle. Finally, working with Jeannie at the Nampa Family Justice Center, a candidate was found.

I was on my way home from church when I got a call from Jeannie. “I found a young man who I think could really use the truck,” she said. She told me his story and asked if this would work. I was more than happy to give this blessing to someone so deserving.

Peter Core, the young man who was chosen, turned out to have a pretty rough past. By the time he was 16, he was living on his own. By 20 he had been to jail four times for drug possession and dealing. After his most recent arrest, he realized something needed to change. He enrolled in the Boise Rescue Mission program and graduated this past year.

He’s been clean for more than a year and is doing well. He is working full-time and has been commuting on bike and foot. When Jeannie talked with him the first time he was in tears at the thought that someone would offer him a vehicle. When we met with him he was overjoyed and couldn’t believe that anyone would do this for him.

After Core drove away with the truck, someone asked me, “Would you do it again?” My answer was and is, a resounding, “Yes!” This truck, though in rough shape when we received it, became a tremendous blessing for a member of our community.

Did we preach a sermon to this young man? Did we give him Bible studies? No. Jesus said in Matt. 25:40, “I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.”

We spent a little time to work on an old truck to make it an offering to someone in need. As a result, we were truly blessed. If you want to be blessed and challenged, find a way to help someone in need.