Everett Indonesian Members Witness at Fourth of July Parade

September 18, 2018 | Eddy Saerang

As Everett Indonesian Adventist Church members marched in a local Fourth of July parade, the nearly 40,000 people watching spotted bright blue shirts coming down the road. As the church group came closer, the words “Get Ready” on the T-shirt fronts caught people’s attention.

Amid music, songs and trumpets sounded by parade participants, the church members led by Julyamin Hutauruk, pastor, waited in the parade line for their number to be called. When their time came, they headed into the parade line with a banner that proudly displayed their church name.

As they passed by the watching crowd, the group waved, smiled and handed out copies of The Great Controversy and Hacksaw Ridge that had been donated by Kris Halstad, an Everett Indonesian Church member. The group was followed closely by Ed Zimmerman, another member, driving a big white van that also had the words “Get Ready” posted on the front.

People were curious as to the meaning. What were they getting ready for? As the group continued past the lines of people, the crowd saw the words on the back of the bright blue T-shirts that read, “Jesus Is Coming — sooner than expected.” Out of the 40,000 people who watched, 520 accepted one of the books.

When the church members walked to the end of the parade line, they prayed to God, giving thanks to Him for the opportunity to witness to their community.