'Loma Linda Comes to You' at Valley View Church

It was with high anticipation the Valley View Church awaited the Sabbath services on May 5, 2018, in East Wenatchee, Wash. "Loma Linda Comes to You" was the promise. Through the invitation of Cheryl Smith (East Wenatchee Church member), Loma Linda University (LLU) sent Richard Hart, LLU president, and his visiting team to the Wenatchee Valley as part of the Loma Linda Comes to You outreach.

The congregation was not disappointed. Hart and his team shared the mission, history and vision of the future of Loma Linda University with the worshippers at Valley View. At the 11 o’clock service, Hart challenged us to be connectors to the world around us, especially to souls empty and searching for spiritual and physical wholeness.

Jeff Hwang, violinist, and Kristiana Kim, pianist, blessed us with their incredible musical talents and, later, Yonny Collado with his vocal talent. Richard Schaefer, LLU historian, shared with us the inspiring story of LLU’s early days, including the role Ellen White played in the purchasing of the land and the future role of the medical work there.

Many LLU alumni participated in the service. Dentists on the platform included Jeff Hwang, Jonathan Kim, Richard Mehrer, Paul Kwon, Robert Smith, Jay Magnuson and Bernie Kopfer, as well as Corby Cumbo-Hutton and physicians Earl Bolton and Hal Harden.

The visiting team included Hart and wife, Judy; Rochelle Bussell, senior vice president of advancement; Julie Roth, executive assistant; Janya Mekelburg; Juliana Powel; and Ron Blaum.

There were extra special connections with families and friends to the team members. Richard Hart called Idaho home and attended Upper Columbia Academy and Walla Walla College, where he and Magnuson roomed together for four years. Judy Hart was also at “home,” as Yakima is where she grew up. Julie Roth called Wenatchee home for a number of years. Many local friends anticipated their visit with joy.

It was an intergenerational worship time with participants from the tender age of 3 (Kim’s children) to our beloved Earl Bolton, age 103. Loma Linda University has enriched many lives in the Wenatchee Valley.

To learn more go to www.LLUHVision2020.org.

Shannon Fisher, Valley View Church communication leader

Featured in: July/August 2018