Boise Valley Adventist School Becomes Debt-Free

April 26, 2018 | Melanie Lawson

Several years ago, Boise Valley Adventist School (BVAS) accumulated a debt to the Idaho Conference. The debt came during a recession in the economy, and the Idaho Conference was generous enough to carry the school through hard times. Once the school was back on its feet, the school was encumbered with a large debt.

In addition to keeping up with the monthly bills, the treasurer of BVAS applied a little extra each month to whittle away at the old debt. Through diligence and mindfulness, by December 2017 the debt had decreased to $41,000. During the month of December, through the combined efforts of the nearby Cloverdale Church and a few generous donors, the debt was paid in full. 

School treasurer Terry Day recounts, “When I mentioned the need of BVAS to a personal donor, I stated that a gift of $10,000 would be incredibly beneficial to the school. The donor inquired as to the history of the debt, and I explained when the debt arose, what the debt consisted of and the current balance. The donor said thank you and went on his way. For whatever reason, he felt impressed to give $35,000. I gulped when I found out, and I praised our Lord.”

Church member Fred Cornforth says, “As 2017 drew to a close, the Lord put the idea of paying off the school debt on several [hearts], and what a miraculous thing to see several people responding to the promptings of the Spirit to retire this debt. I’m still in awe of what He’s done among us.”

We are so grateful to everyone involved who has taken a vested interested in our school and in seeing it succeed. It is such a blessing to have the financial burden lifted. We also appreciate the continued prayers as we minister to our students. Daily we see God working in their lives and are equally touched by what we witness. God is good.

As members of the school board reflected on the generosity of this community effort, they were reminded of the Lord’s words in Mal. 3:10: “… See if I will not throw open the floodgates of heaven and pour out so much blessing that there will not be room enough for it.”

“For the last six years this debt has hung over our heads, and, as long as I serve on the school board, any debt situation will not repeat itself,” says Day. “We, as an institution, have been extremely blessed by our Lord, and this should never be forgotten as we move forward.”