Klamath Falls Church Helps Gospel Mission

The Klamath Falls Church in Oregon has been involved with helping the local Gospel Mission in a variety ways through the years.

Kent Berry, the pastor of Gospel Mission, was invited to speak on Sabbath, April 1, 2017.  He shared with the congregation how the mission provides important assistance to those in need in the Klamath Falls area. He highlighted the need for men’s clothing — especially jeans.

Church members rose to the challenge, eager to help meet this need. The next Sabbath the elders and deacons all wore their best blue jeans to church in recognition of the need and to promote the collection of serviceable clothing for the mission to distribute.

Church families scoured their wardrobes for surplus men’s clothing and donated the items. Within two weeks 120 pairs of jeans, as well as a large number of miscellaneous clothing, were collected. The mission team was thrilled to receive the clothing and will distribute the items to those in need.

Featured in: August 2017