Image Credit: Jeanna Swena

LCAS Hosts Career Fair

It's never too early for students to start thinking about career options, so Lewis County Adventist School (LCAS) in Chehalis, Wash., hosted a career fair for students on April 21.

Representing a variety of career fields, presenters included a physical therapist, nurse, pediatrician, cosmetologist, ophthalmologist, eye surgeon and representatives from the coroner’s office. These professionals were asked to share with students what education was required for their careers, how hard or easy it is to find a job in that field, how much a person would make, and any other things the students might find interesting. 

The purpose of the career fair is to inspire students think about their future and what they can learn and do. The school wants encourage students to think beyond elementary and high school and discover interests and possibilities in different career fields.

Featured in: June 2016