Dillingham Programs Unite Members, Community

April 05, 2016 | Charleen Williams

In recent months, the Dillingham Adventist School's 28 energetic students, only four of whom are Adventists, along with teachers and volunteers, have been very busy. In the spirit of Thanksgiving and Christmas, two special programs were presented in Dillingham Church, to which the community was invited. 

The attendance was amazing. Both programs far exceeded everyone’s expectations with more than 140 non-Adventists attending both programs.

The Thanksgiving program, themed “Giving Thanks,” included songs and readings presented by the students. Mae Syvrud, Dillingham Church member, shared what giving thanks is all about from a Native Alaskan perspective. The natural resources of fish, moose and berries are just a few of the bountiful harvests upon which Alaskans depend for their sustenance and for which they are grateful.

The Christmas program was also a blessing, with special numbers by students and church members alike. “A Savior is born!” was proclaimed, and people's faces lit up with joy in seeing their children’s participation.

Each program was followed with refreshments and mingling to get to know the community members.

Church embers were soon seeing some of the same faces at their evangelistic series beginning in February. This church and school community asks for prayers as they meet and connect with people who need to know Jesus.