Sharon Church Ushers Autumn In on a High Note

Autumn is known to be the mellower season, but at Sharon Church in Portland, the season was anything but. Sharon Church was the host of two Spirit-filled events that were all about the goodness of God.

In partnership with three other churches (Your Bible Speaks, Oromo and University Park churches, all of Portland), the first event was the Fall Revival, titled "Breaking the Chains and Facing Your Giants," held Sept. 13–26, 2015, with Calvin L. Watkins as the nightly speaker and musical guest Anthony Brown and Group TherAPy.

Each night the Word of God was delivered with high energy and truth with a message of hope. The event led to 19 baptisms.

On Oct. 24, 2015, Sharon Church again hosted a homecoming celebration, Connecting People to the Promise, honoring its 69 years as a church family. The guest speaker was Sharon Church’s own Terry Lyndon Johnsson, Adventist Medical Center mission integration executive director and author of For His Honor. Past members from around the city, as well as from out of town, came back to their home church to worship with current members.

Johnsson’s message, entitled "PHA" (Praising Him in Advance, based on 2 Chron. 20:21–22), emphasized that we serve a God who can take our test and turn it into a "TESTimony." Following the powerful message, the entire church family adjourned to the lower level for a family-style meal.

Keep an eye on Sharon Church, as members are marching to Zion and serving their Lord with zeal. For more information on events at Sharon Church, visit and Like Sharon Seventh-day Adventist Church on Facebook.

Featured in: January 2016