Image Credit: Leroy Ross

Middleton Church Hosts Fifth Annual Craft and Health Fair

What began with a question five years ago about community outreach has blossomed into a Middleton annual mainstay. 2015 represented the fifth consecutive year of the Craft and Health Fair coordinated by church members Jamie and Cesi Alwes. As summer comes to a close and the local community transitions into fall, the Middleton Church hosts several vendors and local community members to promote biblical principles of health and healing.

A wholesome meal and smoothie bar provided refreshment to the more than 200 attendees as they meandered through a variety of local and regional vendors. Interwoven with the casual atmosphere, the health fair featured several short, educational talks. This year's fair included a discussion about the eight basic laws of health by a Middleton Chuch member who is a physician. One talk featured a massage demonstration by a member who is a certified massage therapist, and another highlighted a vendor discussing essential oils.

Visitors were invited to test their grip strength and find out their “real age” by answering questions about health habits. Past presentations have included cooking demonstrations and energy conservation ideas.

The local police department had two captains and two of their police dogs on hand for education and demonstration of the important work they do. The children also participated in hands-on instruction about the basic health laws in a booth designed especially for them. Included in the attractions for kids was a bounce house to promote physical activity and, of course, fun.

“We were just driving by and saw all the signs,” said two local residents, Julie and Josh. Other attendees received personal invitations from some of the church’s young people as they went door to door handing out invitations to the health fair. The event was particularly blessed by the perfect weather that continued throughout the day, and it was a joy for members to interact with friends and neighbors on their own church grounds. 

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