Image Credit: Leroy Ross

Middleton Church Celebrates Reformation

Oct. 31, 1517, 33-year-old Martin Luther made the final decision to post his 95 theses on the Wittenberg Castle Church door. He was hopeful of starting a discussion concerning the efficacy of indulgences. Who can say if he understood the far reaching consequences this one act would have — igniting the Protestant Reformation.

The Middleton Church chose to celebrate this historical event while also challenging Halloween traditions on Oct. 31. As Martin Luther heard a voice reminding him, “the just shall live by faith,” the gathering remembered the many lives that lived and died for the Word of God.

Members' efforts were simple: a European style meal, followed by a few “indulgences,” which included a "diet of worms" selection. The fellowship hall was decorated with many relics of the past, including historical Bibles and books of the Reformation, and an art corner displayed fiber works, wood carving, oil painting and more.

Caleb Ramos organized a craft project for the younger crowd by making catapults. Julianna Alwes made Dutch bread by hand.

Costumes were plentiful, and a guest appearance was made by "Martin Luther," who led a worship to close the Sabbath outlining Luther’s biography and a practical application of the basic tenants of Reformation theology. Following the meal, Luther also hosted a Jeopardy-style quiz show, which challenged a few history buffs, excited the younger crowd and left others scratching their heads in disappointment with their own lack of Reformation knowledge.

Following this event, which proved to be an edifying evening for all ages, members look forward to making this a yearly tradition as well as alternative for those looking to provide something meaningful for the youth on Oct. 31.

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