New Member Challenges Congregation to Share Faith

December 20, 2015 | John Gatchet

Two recent baptisms have brought additional joy to the Sequim Church in Sequim, Wash.

Joelle Nicholson professed her faith in Jesus and Adventist beliefs by being baptized in the cold waters of the Strait of Juan de Fuca on Thursday, Oct. 22.

Sixty church members stood by at Port Williams to provide warm hugs and encouraging words to Nicholson after her baptism by Mark Pekar, Sequim Church pastor. Nicholson chose the date of her baptism because it was her birthday and the location because she likes to pray there.

Several months ago, she was invited by an Adventist from Canada to worship in the Sequim Church. She attended and has not missed a service after that life-changing day.

“She is God’s gift to our congregation on many counts,” says Collette Pekar, Sequim Church associate pastor and Nicholson’s mentor. “She is passionate about prayer, worship, outreach and small-group community. We have been praying for young families, children and teenagers.”

When Nicholson was voted into church membership the following Sabbath, she challenged the congregation to share their faith in Jesus and their Adventist beliefs.

Nicholson’s two sons, Jacob and Christian, joined their mother on the platform and were enthusiastically welcomed by profession of faith and voted into membership.

One member commented, “Her testimony brings us hope of many good things God has planned for our church.”

On Oct. 31, John Barcellos was also baptized in the Sequim Church after attending meetings conducted by Dan Bentzinger in Port Angeles. His brother Joe is currently a member of the church and is praising God for this decision.