NPUC Executive Committee to Revisit Ordination

North Pacific Union Conference (NPUC) members have expressed varying concerns regarding the NPUC stance on the ordination of women following the action taken at the recent General Conference Session in San Antonio, Texas. Here are several facts that impact the current NPUC position and any future plan of action.

  • The most recent vote by the NPUC executive committee on this topic was on Nov. 12, 2014, with a decision to “schedule a special session of the NPUC constituency to address ministerial ordination to convene within 120 days after the fall 2015 North American Division Year-end meetings.”
  • The Nov. 12 action was an amendment to an earlier executive committee vote in Febuary 2013, which listed an earlier deadline for a constituency session. The amended action on Nov. 12 reflected a desire of the committee to allow the world church and North American Division (NAD) to process the topic first through work by the Theology of Ordination Study Committee and any subsequent General Conference session action.
  • The General Conference voted on July 8 to reject the option of world divisions independently making provision for the ordination of women within their own territories. This action leaves the current process of approving credentials for both men and women pastors unchanged.
  • NPUC leaders will seek to work in harmony with the world church and the NAD guidelines regarding women in ministry
  • The NPUC executive committee will review its position regarding ordination at the next regularly scheduled meeting on Wednesday, Aug. 19.
  • If the committee votes to affirm its Nov. 12 action, a special constituency session would be held separately from and in addition to the next regularly scheduled NPUC constituency session on Sept. 25, 2016.

NPUC administrators recognize the calling of God upon women in ministry. They also understand there are intense opinions on varying sides of the ordination discussion. They invite your prayerful input in preparation for the important executive committee action on Aug. 19. Comments sent to by noon on Aug. 18 will be forwarded unedited to NPUC executive committee members.

Following the Aug. 19 meeting, the Gleaner will issue a statement summarizing the committee’s action regarding the issue of ordination.