Emerald City Holds TNT Thanksgiving Service

January 26, 2015 | David McClelland

There is a new youthful vitality at Seattle’s Emerald City Community Adventist Church. Starting last spring under the guidance of Hasani Tait, Emerald City Community Church associate pastor, a group of church members in their 20s and 30s have joined together to provide a powerful TNT ministry, meeting monthly to fellowship, plan outreach and prepare a Sabbath program every other month. Their latest program, presented Nov. 22, 2014, highlighted the importance of praise and thanksgiving in our daily walk with Christ.

The national Thanksgiving holiday began with the Pilgrims’ annual three days of prayer in November, and this TNT service was broken into three phases of small group and corporate prayer preceded by responsive readings on the subjects of thanksgiving, intercession and supplication.

The service culminated with moving testimonies from church members who had recently experienced amazing reversals of seemingly hopeless circumstances in their personal lives, clearly demonstrating our Lord’s unlimited willingness to help us no matter what future challenges we may face.