Image Credit: Gary McLain

Member Serves Same Church for 87 Years

So how long have you served at your church? Donald Sargeant was born April 11, 1927, in a cute little house in Hopewell, Ore., only about a half mile from the now-111-year-old Hopewell Church, which still sits on the edge of a large corn field. He has been a member of the Hopewell Church since he was born 87 years ago

Sargeant was an only child raised by his grandmother, who would walk him to church during his childhood. Sargeant says, “My grandmother did a good job raising me and instilled a faith and love for God in me.”

He was baptized as a teen in the Chautauqua building at Gladstone Camp Meeting in the early 1940s. He worked on a farm and served in the Navy during World War II, and he cared for patients at the state psychiatric hospital in Salem, Ore., for 34 years.

To this day Sargeant is still actively involved with serving his God and his church. Sargeant has taken on just about every position in the church. He has been a deacon, elder, Sabbath School leader and teacher. He mows the lawn, cleans, and even paints the church when it is needed, just to mention a few things. Sargeant never felt he was keeping the church going when maybe the attendance was slim. When something needed to be done he would just do it. Because of his consistent faithfulness, the Hopewell Church is still a beacon of light to its community.

Featured in: December 2014