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Milo Adventist Academy Students Follow ‘In His Steps’ on Neighbor Day

Milo Adventist Academy students chose “In His Steps” as the theme for this school year and put it into action during student week of prayer, Sept. 8–12. Twice daily the youth met in the church to worship, pray and share powerful testimonies of how God has worked in their lives. 

On Thursday, teams went out to serve the community for Neighbor Day. They split logs, hauled and stacked wood, trimmed blackberry bushes, weeded, mulched, and accomplished many other tasks for their neighbors. One family, the Fosters, thanked the campus ministries team for sending such pleasant students to work with them, saying, “They pitched right in, stayed on task, followed instructions and were fun to be with. Their help was a tremendous encouragement to us.”

Richard Pearson, who came out of retirement to head up the custodial department, had heart trouble last year, yet needed to prepare his winter fuel supply. He says the young men who helped him were a “major blessing.” He adds, “We split and stacked three cords of Douglas fir, and all I heard were uplifting comments. We burn about five cords a year, and the help was greatly appreciated.”

Two groups from Milo collaborated with Kay Cooksley and the Canyonville Church to beautify the public elementary school in Canyonville, a continuation of projects initiated in their mini-mission to the town two years ago. “Our church was voted in special recognition Citizen of the Year,” Cooksley notes. “We were so blessed to have Milo Academy as our partner in that adventure.”

“We had a big bin of pieces of alder wood, which needed to be stacked. The job just seemed too overwhelming for us to do,” Bill and Barbara Schlaman explain. “The boys were just a delight, to listen to them talking and laughing as they worked. They got a large amount done, which gave us a real lift. We are very grateful for the students who are so willing to help us older folks out.”

Asked what she thought of Neighbor Day, senior Emily Parish responded, “It was awesome.” 

Milo junior David Echevarria agreed: “It was a very, very fun day to get off campus, enjoy getting to know our neighbors and help them with things that needed to be done.”

Milo’s chaplain, Chad Reisig, says Neighbor Day “allows us to put our faith into action. Jesus speaks of loving our neighbors, and his brother, James, talks about helping those in our community. Neighbor Day provides students and staff opportunity to take these principles and apply them to our Christian walk.”

Neighbor Day is summed up by the verse the student leaders selected to go with the year's theme: “I have given you an example to follow. Do as I have done to you” (John 13:15).

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