Anchorage Spanish Church Rides Outreach Wave

Summer 2014 was quite a busy one for the Anchorage Spanish congregation.

The church was visited in June by Andres Portés, evangelist for the Southwest Region Conference and speaker for the La Voz del Consolador (The Voice of the Comforter) Ministry. Portés was accompanied by clinical psychologists Miguel and María Di Francisco, who did an excellent job meeting and counseling with families during their brief stay in Anchorage.

Riding the wave of spiritual fervor generated by the meetings in June, the congregation has embarked upon an intense program to reach out to Hispanic families across Anchorage. Each family in the church is being encouraged to adopt a minimum of two non-Adventist families in their neighborhood with whom they may share a short visit, prayer and uplifting religious material once per week. A monthly series of specially tailored seminars was held through October to bring together those in the community who are desirous of responding to the outreach efforts of the members.

One of those seminars was conducted in August by Israel Rivera, a pastor from Montemorelos, Mexico. His lectures, focusing on health and the family, captivated the interest of a number of individuals from the community. “The Hispanic community in Anchorage demonstrated a very positive attitude toward the information we shared with them regarding health and spirituality, understanding that the spiritual life is as important as physical health," says Rivera.

Anchorage Spanish Church leaders and members generally feel the time has arrived for God to do something special within the Spanish-speaking community in Anchorage and its environs. The wave seems to be gathering momentum, and the Holy Spirit is convicting more and more of His people to join the adventure in the quest to reach Hispanic Anchorage for Jesus.     

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