Boise Valley Gets New Playground

September 18, 2014 | Melanie Lawson

“It’s so cool. I love it!” says a fifth-grader.

“It looks newer and fresher, and I like that some of the stations are educational," adds an eighth-grader.

"I like that a lot of the parts are plastic so I don’t get burned on the hot metal," notes a sixth-grader.

“It has a variety of activities for the kids to play with and accommodates more students so more of my friends can be included," explains another eighth-grader.

These are just a few of the comments heard from Boise Valley Adventist School (BVAS) students regarding their new school playground. 

BVAS has many features of which to be proud: a well-kept facility, a state-of-the-art gym, an updated computer lab and a large playground. But closer examination of the playground revealed a lot of the structures were outdated and out of code. Therefore, when the school held its eighth annual fundraiser gala, the proceeds from the event were used to purchase shade trees and a new playground structure to replace the outdated equipment.     

The new play structure not only adds color to the playground but “is also handicap user-friendly and contains structures that will aid the students in completing their yearly Physical Challenge,” observes Verna Reinbold, BVAS first- and second-grade teacher. 

The purchase of the structure was made possible through donations of area businesses, the church and the school family. “I believe the donors will appreciate their efforts when they see and hear the students using the equipment,” says Tom Sherwood, sixth- through eighth-grade teacher.

“It’s always touching to see others step up to support the school, and the completion of this playground is just one more reminder of how blessed we are,” states Melanie Lawson, BVAS head teacher. The structure is a much-needed addition to the school and something the students will enjoy for years to come.