Church Leadership Tours Alaskan Mission Field

June 30, 2014 | Ken Crawford

Ted N.C. Wilson, world church president, and his wife, Nancy, recently paid a visit to Alaska. Williams Costa, world church vice president for communication, arranged the brief visit to the last frontier, in conjunction with a video production sequence they are doing.

Ken Crawford, Alaska Conference president, entertained the Wilsons for the weekend and gave them a taste of the beauty around south-central Alaska. “They are such down-to-earth, humble, sincere folks,” Crawford stated with a smile. “They even ate my healthy cornbread at my house. That’s a stretch for anyone’s palate.”

Wilson gave an inspirational message at the Palmer Church and then provided a Sabbath evening vespers service at Anchorage's Hillside-O’Malley Church to a packed audience.

As a part of a video production for the 2015 General Conference, world church staff are shooting footage to compare evangelism in New York City to reaching out in Alaska.