Sharon Church Hosts Active Summer

The saying "the lazy days of summer" does not ring true at the Sharon Church in Portland, Ore. This summer proved to be anything but lazy, starting with Vacation Bible School in June.

Sixty children, including 45 from the community, participated in the Beyond the Gold VBS program. With the Summer Olympics approaching, the theme echoed what people around the world were focused on to demonstrate how a Spirit-filled life with Jesus Christ is "beyond the gold."

Sharon Church members attended seminars, the women's breakfast, youth programs and children's activities during the Oregon Conference Gladstone Camp Meeting in July. Sharon's Seniors in Action didn't stop just because they were at camp meeting — they held their regular meeting right there on the campgrounds.

The annual church picnic, also in July, was held at Columbia Park. The church family came together to share and fellowship through prayer, praise and power — with good food, good conversation and flag football.

The Sharon Church rolled right into August with the Community Health Fair. Sharon Church partners with community businesses and organizations annually to host the fair, which assists families in the community with back-to-school supplies and provides healthy lifestyle information and good fellowship. About 130 people attended this year's fair, and 75 backpacks filled with school supplies were given away.

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Featured in: October 2012


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