Eugene and Springfield Hold 'Church in the Park'

More than 250 people gathered for Church in the Park on the Fall Creek Church acreage nestled in the woods along the river.

Churches from the greater Eugene/Springfield, Ore., area meet there once a year for outdoor fellowship. Roger Beltran, Veneta and Santa Clara churches pastor, hosted the Sabbath morning service. Lutz Binus, Springfield Church pastor, led Sabbath School, and Steve Chinn, Portland's Mt. Tabor Church senior pastor, had the message, Who's Afraid of the Holy Ghost?

Santa Clara Church hosted the fellowship dinner and led the singing. People lingered for hours in the shade along the river, reluctant to let go of the sweet blessings the Sabbath held in this special place.

Attendees Chris Sittig and Douglas and Eveleen Briggs were recently baptized as a result of outreach by the Oakridge Branch Sabbath School, which was planted by the Fall Creek Church.

Fall Creek Church is constructing a new facility designed for global Internet outreach as well as local ministry. It will be available in 2013 for CHIP (Complete Health Improvement Program) events, evangelistic series, programs to be taped and aired worldwide, and church services. Many attending Church in the Park toured the new facility, which will seat 150 and reflects the historic look of the 108-year-old sanctuary where the Fall Creek Church currently holds worship services.

Featured in: October 2012