Women’s Ministries Partner with Copper Basin Pregnancy Center

Attendees of the third-annual Chistochina (Alaska) Women's Retreat made more than 50 mother/baby fleece blankets and put together bags of baby clothing, diapers and toiletry items donated by Adventist churches from across Alaska for the Copper Basin Pregnancy Center in Glennallen, Alaska.

The center is the only agency of its kind in this remote area, which is a five-hour drive from Anchorage, Alaska. It provides testing, maternity clothing, baby clothing, counseling and emotional support, and hope for pregnant teens.

One church member told how he had gone to a thrift store and spied a low-priced file cabinet. When he opened it, he was amazed to find it full of brand-new baby diapers. The shop manager told him that the price would be the same despite the discovery, so he took the cabinet and diapers home. Only then did he find out through his church about the women's ministries request for baby donations.

"All of us at the pregnancy center want to thank you and your church for all the wonderful baby items you donated to us," says Sue Roscovius, Copper Center Pregnancy Center director. "We appreciate all of you and your partnership with us to help needy moms and their babies. The diapers were our biggest need."

Featured in: August 2012