Vancouver Hosts 'Hands On' Gardening Workshop

Master gardener and agriculturist Lynn Hoag, who operates and has made a lifelong study and practice of Ellen White's planting methods, held a "Hands On" Gardening Workshop at the request of the Vancouver (Wash.) Adventist Community Church, May 20–23.

Despite a rainy day, more than 70 attended this outreach ministry, including church members, community members and children.

The children especially enjoyed the hands-on preparation of the soil, making rows, and planting seeds and plants. Besides planting a garden full of veggies, the group planted a fruit tree using methods given by inspiration more than 100 years ago. "Grandma White's" planting method for fruit trees has been proven to grow 300 percent faster than ordinary methods.

Members of Vancouver's Garden Club are maintaining the garden at the church and are looking forward to harvesting the tastiest and most nutritious vegetables they have ever tasted. Another outcome of the workshop is that some of the children from the community made good friends and will be coming to Vacation Bible School.

At age 13 Hoag learned this method for planting fruit trees, which was revealed by White more than 100 years ago. Since then, Hoag has used this method extensively with fruit trees and other deep-rooted plants with great success.

Hoag is a master gardener and shares what he has learned to help others. He is a member of the Placerville Church in California, where he teaches gardening classes and has a test garden.

Featured in: August 2012