Pathfinder Sabbath Held in Grants Pass

Not only did the Grants Pass (Ore.) Church celebrate six baptisms on May 5, it also hosted Pathfinder Sabbath. Under the leadership of Steve King, these boys and girls spent many weeks preparing for this event. The Pathfinders used songs and skits to emphasize their theme, "Send Me."

Edson Donato, drill team leader, announced the color guard entry into the sanctuary. The color guard was followed by a procession of all current Pathfinder members. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited by the congregation, followed by the Pathfinder Pledge and Law. The color guard was then instructed to post the colors (flags). Scripture and prayer were followed with a PowerPoint presentation, narrated by Pathfinder Jasmine Haddad, and four skits.

The first skit was "Encounter at the Well," the story of the unnamed woman at the well, touched by a brief encounter with Jesus. The second skit, "Attack on the Trail," was the story of the Good Samaritan. The third skit, "Madman on the Beach," covered the story of Jesus' encounter with demon-possessed men. In the final skit, called "Modern," several scenes stressed the importance of making time for Jesus and taking time to help someone in need.

Pathfinders sang songs between each skit. Heidi Martin provided piano accompaniment, while Melissa Ross played an Autoharp. Near the end of the program, King invited the congregation to commit to the "Send Me" theme.

Featured in: August 2012