Missionaries Visit Grants Pass Church

Mission pilots Dwayne and Wendy Harris visited the Grants Pass (Ore.) Church on May 12 to tell of a trial they recently faced in the Philippines. While assisting neighbors during a robbery in March, one of the suspects shot Dwayne. He was hit once in the face and again in the chest.

The bullet in Dwayne's face came within a centimeter of a major artery. The bullet piercing his chest was within half a centimeter of a main vessel. The Lord had His divine hand in this event. Key medical staff members were having a meeting at Cagayan Valley Adventist Hospital in Santiago, Isabela, Philippines, where Dwayne was rushed. A pulmonary specialist, who usually was four hours away, was available to locate the bullet in Dwayne's chest. The bullet had only clipped his lungs and just missed a main vessel to his heart. He is expected to make a full recovery.

Wendy was encouraged through the ordeal by knowing that a prayer chain in effect for her husband spread throughout the globe.

The Harrises will continue to serve as missionaries for Philippines Adventist Medical Aviation Service. They are stationed in Santiago and provide health education and medical assistance in the northern Philippines to those who can only be easily reached by helicopter. A solid helicopter that can seat four or five can cost $250,000. They are in need of a new helicopter, or at least a new blade for one they have been flying. The Harrises will continue to do God's work where they are called.

Featured in: August 2012