BV Students Decorate Pillowcases for Young Patients

Sixth-graders at Buena Vista Adventist Elementary School in Auburn, Wash., turned plain white pillowcases into brightly decorated pillowcases for young patients at Mary Bridge Children's Hospital and Health Center in Tacoma, Wash.

Mary Bridge Hospital allows each of their patients to select a personal pillowcase to liven the pillow they keep with them when they are admitted for tests or treatments such as chemotherapy. The staff are always delighted when children are the ones providing the special designs on the pillowcases.

When Buena Vista students got involved in the Create a Smile program, they partnered with Guest House Inn, which provided the pillowcases, and Wal-Mart, which donated a gift card for art supplies.

After the pillowcases were decorated in the classroom, a delegation of four students delivered the pillowcases to hospital representative Barbara Bartolatz. When Bartolatz asked the students why they decided to get involved, they responded, "We wanted to bring a little comfort and cheer to the children who were sick or going through unpleasant procedures."

The hospital distributes nearly 900 pillowcases a month, so this won't be the last time Buena Vista students visit Mary Bridge Hospital.

Featured in: August 2012


Gina Hubin

Auburn Adventist Academy director of recruiting and admissions