The Cardboard Testimony Experience

More than 60 Milo Adventist Academy students stepped out of their comfort zones during a recent worship experience and boldly declared what God had been doing in their lives. As music played and the audience watched expectantly, the students walked one by one to the stage and held up cardboard testimonies, then flipped each to declare the before and after effect of God in their lives.

"Lost in violence and trying to be part of it." Flip ... "Found the joy and Love of God."

"Bitter kid; complacent Christian; envious friend; wasted youth." Flip ... "Learning to listen."

"Against parent’s love; no integrity." Flip ... "Loving cooperation and learning to stand."

"I'm struggling." Flip ... "I'm learning to let go and let Him take control."

One by one they came forward to honestly declare how God was working in their lives. With so much written in so few words, tears began to stream down many faces as the audience sensed the beauty of the moment.

"Suicidal thoughts, compulsive liar, not good enough, numb." Flip ... "A reason to live, He is the truth, Christ died for me, at peace."

"Always depending on myself; believing that I could trust no one; believing I was always going to be alone with no real friends, and to grow up with no father." Flip ... "In God I found that it is not all on me. That some people are trustworthy; found an Everlasting Friend and a Father I can always call on."

"Sadness; hangin' with people you shouldn't; hate; stuff you wish you had never said; hurting people without knowing; confused; bad choices; giving in to peer pressure; scared something won't work out so you don't even try." Flip ... "Out of 12 sisters and 3 brothers ... I am the only one that goes to a Jesus school. God helped the way I see things now."

"No Father figure." Flip ... "To God: I am your little girl."

How is God transforming our students? He is lovingly and gently flipping their worlds toward Himself though our schools.

How about you? If you wrote out a cardboard testimony, what would it say?

Featured in: February 2012