Idaho Youth Rush Wraps up Summer 2011

The Idaho Youth Rush program started in the summer of 2009 as a student literature evangelist program, also known as colporteuring. This summer was the third and best summer for the Idaho Conference, with 19 young adults (high school and college age) going door to door for 10 weeks.

As the program has developed, so has the spiritual momentum. One experience this last summer took place with the leader and students visiting a Spanish home. After being convinced of the quality of the books, the daughter decided to buy one and told her mother she would pay for her to get a book as well. Her mother continued to mutter something in Spanish, not understood by the colporteurs. They turned, listened, and tried to translate with the little Spanish they knew. She said, "lo sonea, lo sonea, lo sonea," and held the book close. They wondered what she was saying ...

Then they said to her after having understood, "You dreamt about this book?"

She replied, "Yes."

"When?" they asked.

"About a month ago, it was the same book, the same cover, the same chapters, the same pages, the same words, and the same pictures. Everything is the same. I would like this book."

The book she held was a Spanish version of Christ Object Lessons. Joel 2:28 reminds us in the last days, "The old shall dream dreams." This is just one of the hundreds of experiences participants had while serving the Lord during the 2011 summer.

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