An Icon Says 'Good-bye' To the End of an Era

They say the only thing that stays the same is "change," but for the last 32 years the only one who stayed at Columbia Adventist Academy through all those changes was Reavis Belin, teacher. Call him a landmark, an icon, a fixture ... but whatever you call him, he's more than that. Now he has decided it's time to join his wife in retirement. As a man with many interests, Belin plans to: restore cars/trucks, fix up and drive dune buggies, tour via motorcycle, vacation, go birding, play the bass, and many other activities.

Belin will be missed at CAA especially for his tender heart and his contributions to the culture and success of CAA. Those contributions include: playing the bass for praise music, leading out in the student association (specifically Boys' Club and Fall Fest), driving the bus for fieldtrips and community service days, sharing meaningful, heartfelt worship talks, encouraging students and staff, cooking for corn feeds and campouts, playing Santa for Christmas parties, sharing his love for God, and instruction in shop, math classes and robotics.

During his tenure at CAA, Belin was able to contribute to the success of hundreds of students, countless staff, and nine different administrations. His ever-present, positive outlook made him fun to be around. Thanks, Belin, for all you've done to continue the tradition of excellence at CAA and make our lives better as a result of knowing you. We hope you enjoy your retirement.

Featured in: November 2011