96 Attend Lacey Cooking Classes

Lacey (Wash.) Church presented four weekly vegetarian/vegan cooking classes in May. Each class featured plant-based food samples, followed by DVDs emphasizing the health benefits of a meatless diet and live cooking demonstrations by church members.

One couple stopped by the church office to find out more about the classes because they had seen the large banner outside Tuttle Hall, the church fellowship hall. Several others phoned to find out more details. Nearly one-third of the attendees were from the community.

The classes were organized by Ronald Case, M.D., a retired allergist, and his wife, Joan. Many church members also donated their time and cooking abilities to make the classes successful.

As one attendee writes, "As a lifelong meat eater, I find it a bit difficult to transition, but I am working on it: I try to slip veggie main dishes past my family, and, as long as they are tasty and also filling, we all enjoy them. I have really enjoyed the classes that I have taken at your church." Another attendee says, "This class has reinforced my desire to go to a plant-based diet." Others say that they appreciated hearing scientific evidence that the original Bible diet of fruits, nuts, grains and vegetables would increase their longevity.

As a follow up for community participants and church members, Steve Shipowick, pastor, and Case held a Daniel Bible study class and invited participants to the evangelistic series in Lacey in September.

Featured in: November 2011