Summer Campers Discover Sacred Space

October 01, 2011

Sunset Lake (Wash.) Camp volunteers and staff built, painted, sewed and assembled a full-size replica of the wilderness sanctuary to incorporate into the summertime program, where daily worship times and evening dramas retold the story of the Exodus.

"All summer I listened as groups of campers sat in the Most Holy Place of the sanctuary and poured their hearts out to God," says David Yeagley, Washington Conference youth director. "It is an amazing sight to see campers come to the altar to invite Christ into their life!"

The sanctuary provided a location for a staff communion service, torch-light worship services, times of prayer in the Most Holy Place and detailed tours for campers and more than 250 camp guests.

"It's really an exciting experience to see the different elements of the tabernacle," says Joseph Underhill, Sunset Lake staff member. "You can really feel God's presence."

The sanctuary replica brought to life the 50 chapters of the Bible (in Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy and Hebrews) that describe the Tabernacle and its ceremonies.

"Each item in the sanctuary represents God's relationship with us," says Yeagley, who served as sanctuary docent. "Just like the priest would meet a sinner halfway to the tabernacle, God wants to meet us halfway. God is not concerned with sin. He's already dealt with that. He just needs a place to dwell in our lives."

In all, 635 campers attended Sunset Lake Camp this summer, 126 expressed an interest in preparing for baptism and three young people were baptized.

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