Alaska Reconsiders Mission

September 01, 2011 | Ken Crawford

In an endeavor to reach the population base of the Last Frontier, which includes some of the most isolated areas in the United States, the Alaska Conference has partnered with the Voice of Prophecy Bible School. The goal for this partnership is to blanket Alaska with Bible study enrollment cards and to initiate Bible studies all over the state. All Alaska villages will receive invitations to study either the Native New Day lessons or the Discover Guides and KidZone Guides, along with Discover and Native New Day DVDs.

The plan is to send an invitation to every household in every town and village in Alaska and train church members to give follow-up Bible studies in several ways:

1. Personal visitation (face to face where there is a local church presence);

2. Internet and telephone (Skype or Facebook) where there is phone and Internet service;

3. Postal service (correspondence) in the most remote areas.

Voice of Prophecy has established Discover Bible Schools with amazing success all over North America and currently has more than 2,600 churches involved nationally with hundreds more worldwide.

On the weekend of June 8–10, 2012, there will be a mass graduation celebration in Anchorage, Alaska, with each Bible-study interest invited. This high weekend will be followed by "Net 2012," a NAD division-wide, satellite evangelistic series with top speakers from across the division. Please pray for this initiative.