Klamath Falls Women's Retreat Come Thirsty — Drink Deeply

Come Thirsty — Drink Deeply was the theme for the Klamath Falls (Ore.) women's ministry retreat held at their local Adventist Christian school Feb. 25–26.

Messages for the event were presented by Tawny Sportsman, Oregon Conference women's ministry coordinator for area three.

Participants were asked to come thirsty for a deeper relationship with Jesus: the Living Water. Leaders presented the concept that just as lack of water weakens the body, spiritual thirst can be harmful to the soul. Sportsman offered several creative ways to reignite that first real love encounter with Jesus and showed the importance of growing that relationship daily through quality time, Bible study and modeling unconditional love.

Sportsman also shared a technique for Scripture memorization. She suggested typing out passages using different colors or using bold type for every other Bible verse and then putting passages on cards that can be carried around your home. In this way, one may read them often. Those trying this during the retreat found it quite effective. Prizes were given out to the first six women who could quote a given number of Scriptures.

Attendees were also invited to join Step Sisters, a "stay-in-His-steps" walking program that asks you to step up spiritually, step out in outreach ministry, and step away by physically walking.

Lunch was provided by the women's ministry team, and decorations enhanced the atmosphere.

Participants enjoyed the fellowship and look forward to implementing what was gleaned from the meetings.

Featured in: May 2011