KTSY Evolves with Barefoot Media Ministry

With 20 years of history in Idaho's Treasure Valley, the KTSY radio team is developing a new vision and a new story under the leadership of Brian Yeager, general manager.

A New Vision

With the Christian church in North America speaking to a smaller and smaller segment of society, KTSY realized it could either create a larger sub-culture insulated from the world or it could determine to bring people into a journey with God that inspires them to make a new story for someone outside the church culture.

The second option has become the vision of KTSY — to bring as many people as possible into this outward-focused journey with God. It's evident in testimonials like this:

My husband grew up in a Christian home and I didn't. His family led me to Christ. However, a while later, his parents divorced and his sister committed suicide. I was devastated. My spiritual heroes had fallen and my husband and I both lost our faith. One day I was driving and saw a bumper sticker for KTSY. I figured, "why not?" So I gave it a try. The music and messages got through my defenses and changed my life. In April I was baptized and my husband was rededicated. We feel God rescued our spirits through KTSY.

KTSY Becomes Barefoot Media Ministry

Together with KTFY 88.1FM serving Twin Falls, Idaho, the KTSY media ministry has changed its name to Barefoot Media Ministry. We are indeed standing on holy ground, on a holy mission, and getting a little muddy in the thick of ministry. One initiative that the radio stations already have is the PrayerWorks! page (www.onlineprayerworks.com/ktsy), which connects people with prayer requests to people who are praying for them.

The Blessing

November tested this new direction of Barefoot Media, which receives no funds from the Idaho Conference for its operation. On-air fundraisers are incredibly important. This year the sharathons were a stunning success: KTFY passed their biggest goal ever with $92,400 and KTSY finished with a total of more than $501,000.

Barefoot Media Ministry invites you to invest in someone's life, no strings attached, and let God do His work. Listen online at www.895ktsy.org or www.881ktfy.org. New stories can happen everywhere.

Featured in: January 2011