Airplane Witnessing

January 01, 2011 | Richard Cook

Last October, our return flight from Chicago, Ill., my wife and I sat by a young man who had the window seat. "What are you doing in the Northwest?" we asked. The young man said he was from India and was taking computer programing. We talked about politics and economy. Then feeling a little more comfortable I asked him about his religion.

"I have just accepted Christ," he responded. We then told him about our church’s involvement in the recent Messiah's Mansion project. I mentioned my six years in Pakistan and visits to India. He then accepted the "It Is Written Bible card that we offered him.

On another flight from Portland en route to Tampa, Fla., I sat by a man who was waiting to board. After some conversation about politics and the economy, I learned of his love of horses and that he was on his way to pick up some mares. Soon after I mentioned my love of riding and owning some horses we boarded the plane. Then God put me in a seat across the aisle from him. We continued our conversation and I passed out the brochure correspondence card and he accepted it.

After visiting my daughter-in-law who was lecturing in an elementary school about a Japanese poet, I took a return flight to Portland. God put me next to a Japanese lady. I told her about the book I was reading that told the story of how Christian missionaries opened up trade between countries in the Far East and the US. "Thank you very much for the info and I will gladly look into these cards on religion," she said.

"I don't think we ever heard of Saturday as a day of worship instead of the Lord's Day," one of the two Catholic nuns said to me on a flight to Detroit. "We certainly will have a look at the information you gave us on these cards."

Only eternity will reveal the results of airplane witnessing.